short form

For the last two years I have overseen creative direction on the theatrical release of The OSCAR® Nominated Short Films across 350 cinemas in the US and Canada. We devised and created animated presenters for the 2014 release.

The Last Fishermen was featured on the Guardian newspapers website and is part of a Greenpeace UK campaign which ran online and in UK cinemas. Its was instrumental in gaining a fairer quoter from the European Fisheries Policy for British small boat (under 10m) fishermen.
As well as directing, I was also the DOP.

I co-wrote and directed vwdarkside for Greenpeace UK. They were some of the most shared films on Earth in 2011. As part of the most successful sign up for any Greenpeace Campaign ever (470,000 jedis and counting...). They have garnered a Viral Video Audience Award 2011 and the Lovie Gold Award 2011. Visit to sign up to the campaign.


An idea that can change the world.

Mr Isola Akay MBE. Mr. Akay founded the All Stars Boxing Gym in London's Paddington basin. Developed for those who were excluded from other gyms because of race, the All Stars Club has produced several local and national champions.

This is a film I made for Aviva, it features David Weir MBE the elite British Paralympic wheelchair athlete.
David Weir currently holds the British record at all track distances up to 5,000 m, as well as on the road at 10 km, half marathon, and marathon.